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Hi, I’m Michael

Yes, shocking isn’t it.
Don’t let the color of my hair fool you.

I am very serious about leadership. Throughout my career, I have been successful in dealing with serious business issues by crafting them in a way that is fun, relatable, and memorable. I describe what I do as Serious Business Training with Flair.

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Episode 010 – Hayley Burgin Makes Love Happen


Hayley Burgin runs Haylo Wedding & Events, an event design company dedicated to you.  With a special focus and passion for creating memorable weddings, Hayley reminds us of the importance of creating a seamless and stress-free environment.  And doing so often means rolling up her sleeves! Our talk encompasses the how mutual respect and open…

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Episode 009 – Jan Vincent Talks Hiring Top Talent


Jan Vincent is President & CEO of JV Consulting Human Asset Management, a company that is focused on building a better workplace.  I was fortunate enough to use Jan’s firm many years ago when they created a customized performance model to help my company make smarter and more appropriate hiring decisions. Our conversation today talks…

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Episode 008 – The Amazing Kyle Dillingham – Oklahoma Musical Ambassador


A chance meeting at Good Morning America brought Kyle Dillingham to my attention. Considered the Oklahoma Musical Ambassador, Kyle has traveled and played his fiddle all over the world. But what is most important to him is how music ties us together.

Our talk highlights Kyle’s musical trajectory, but also highlights how his story provides sales and leadership lessons that we can all take away.
Kyle is a true joy to experience in person, but his personality and zeal for life shines through in this episode of Shock Your Potential.

To learn more about Kyle and his band Horseshoe Road at:

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