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Hi, I’m Michael

Yes, shocking isn’t it.
Don’t let the color of my hair fool you.

I am very serious about leadership. Throughout my career, I have been successful in dealing with serious business issues by crafting them in a way that is fun, relatable, and memorable. I describe what I do as Serious Business Training with Flair.

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Leadership Via Laughter, Honesty, Self-Reflection and Improv with Izzy Gesell


Izzy Gesell believes that leadership can be improved with Improv. And I believe him! Izzy is an organizational alchemist who helps individuals and organizations transform their thinking from commonplace to extraordinary. Through his keynotes, trainings, coaching and facilitated sessions, Izzy offers imaginative, intuitive and immediately useful insights and programs. He is skilled at delivering meaningful…

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A Mid-Career Retirement – with Matt Javit and his World Barbershop Adventures


Matt Javit has been traveling the world full time after leaving the United States in February 2017 experiencing over 30 countries and 100 cities since making the difficult decision to leave his career at his peak to discover the beauty of the world. Before his departure, he had a high-achieving, amazing life in Indianapolis, Indiana,…

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Mastering Life and Business Goals with Mary Lynn Graham- Season 2, Episode 16


Mary Lynn is a business, life and career coach who supports individuals and business owners in achieving goals and making successful life transitions. Although she works with clients of all types, she specializes in working with business owners who are selling, or considering selling, their business. She knows, firsthand, how this process is not only…

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