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Hi, I’m Michael

Yes, shocking isn’t it.
Don’t let the color of my hair fool you.

I am very serious about leadership. Throughout my career, I have been successful in dealing with serious business issues by crafting them in a way that is fun, relatable, and memorable. I describe what I do as Serious Business Training with Flair.

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Mastering the Art of Persuasive Communication With Jeff Tippett – Season 2: Episode 62


Known to many as Mr. Persuasion, Jeff Tippett is a subject matter expert on persuasive communications. Speaking to international audiences through keynotes and seminars, Jeff helps attendees increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools to help reach their goals, and empowers attendees to positively impact their organizations or businesses. His second book, released in January…

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Dressing Your Best For Job Success With Danielle Bourgeon – Season 2: Episode 61


Danielle’s line of work is all about making things beautiful—whether it’s a stylist with Nina McLemore or a Creative Director at Brandwidth Solutions LLC. She graduated top of her class, valedictorian with her bachelors in fashion marketing from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Her major acted like a dual major, one foot entrenched in the…

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Seeking a New Mission For Our Veterans With Rob Lougee – Season 2: Episode 60


Rob E. Lougee, a service-connected disabled veteran of the Persian Gulf War, was appointed Assistant National Employment Director for the more than 1 million-member DAV on March 21, 2016. From the DAV National Headquarters located in Cold Spring, Kentucky, Mr. Lougee manages special employment initiatives and works with private and public sector entities to develop…

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