Shock Your Potential Podcast


Shock Your Potential Podcast is the place where you can learn from masters in business leadership, sales, and the customer experience.  On this podcast, I highlight the greatest examples I can find, to share positive examples in business today.

Through great conversations, I am learning about the biggest issues that both businesses and individuals face today, and let these people share their successes and challenges in an open and honest environment.

I prep my guests to be prepared to discuss the following key topics:

  1. Tell us about yourself, your business or organization, and your commitment to a shockingly great customer or client experience.
  2. What is the best shocking and positive leadership, sales or customer experience that you have ever been the recipient of, and how does that impact you today?
  3. If you were able to travel back in time to give yourself one piece of advice that would have shocked your own potential farther and faster, what would you say?

Through these conversations I have learned much that continues to impact my professional journey, and has introduced me to hundreds of new and amazing connections.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do every taping!