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The Sweet Taste of Success

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes a lime is only a….Key Lime cheesecake. I speak to people all over the world about Shocking their Potential, my strategy built on the letters in the word SHOCK. The O stands for “operate as if you are already there.” Now, I don’t mean fake it until you make…

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I Am Awesome!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I love truth in advertising. Kali Williams from my Mastermind group along with Robbie Samuels, MSW and Denise Jacobs, urged us to complete an exercise reflecting on 2019 and looking ahead to 2020. Reflection always gives me pause. It often causes me to see only my failures, and not my…

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The Calm Before the Storm

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You should always rest between reps. The days between Christmas and New Year always feel unproductive to me. I get antsy amongst the chaotic travel, unmindful eating (and yes, I gave into every sweet and savory temptation, including the first rum cake I have made in 15 years), and lack…

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A Mountain With a View

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You can’t see the top of the mountain if you are flying below the clouds. I have been busy reflecting on 2019 and planning for some incredible things for 2020. As I tell people about what is on my horizon, they are amazed. “That is incredible!” “You must be so…

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The Spice of Life

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: At times, I can be a bit saucy. I was recently interviewed on Bob Clark’s podcast “The Secret Sauce.” It got me thinking about how we all have something very special to share with the world, both personally, and professionally. Wisdom. Time. Love. Energy. Attention. Talent. Dedication. Commitment. Skill. Passion.…

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