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A Mountain With a View

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You can’t see the top of the mountain if you are flying below the clouds. I have been busy reflecting on 2019 and planning for some incredible things for 2020. As I tell people about what is on my horizon, they are amazed. “That is incredible!” “You must be so…

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The Spice of Life

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: At times, I can be a bit saucy. I was recently interviewed on Bob Clark’s podcast “The Secret Sauce.” It got me thinking about how we all have something very special to share with the world, both personally, and professionally. Wisdom. Time. Love. Energy. Attention. Talent. Dedication. Commitment. Skill. Passion.…

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Bury The Hatchet

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Sometimes you just have to Bury the Hatchet. Last week I attended the year-end celebration for MPI Philadelphia Area Chapter at Bury the Hatchet. Not only was this a really cool event in a totally unique venue, it made me think about how many things we really need to conscientiously…

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Row the Boat

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: “Our team failed so much last year, so much, that we had the opportunity to become successful.” P.J. Fleck, coach for the Minnesota Gophers, is motivating. Dynamic. Unflappable. And he is giving every particle of his being into making this team a winning team. He is teaching them to Row…

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Trick or…..What?

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I can be a real Grinch at Halloween. Our neighborhood gets massive Halloween activity. Where I grew up it took hours to fill my pillow case, but in Philly, row homes and condos offer faster results. There is something wonderful about kids dressed up, pandering for candy, even knowing that…

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