Dressing Your Best For Job Success With Danielle Bourgeon – Season 2: Episode 61

Danielle’s line of work is all about making things beautiful—whether it’s a stylist with Nina McLemore or a Creative Director at Brandwidth Solutions LLC. She graduated top of her class, valedictorian with her bachelors in fashion marketing from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Her major acted like a dual major, one foot entrenched in the fashion world and the other in the marketing and graphic design world.

She spent three months living in Florence interning for Jennifer Tattanelli, an Italian leather, and fine clothes atelier. She learned about garment and accessory construction, styling, and also created their marketing campaign for their pop up shop in the Hamptons later that summer.

After graduating, she landed a full-time position at Brandwidth Solutions and has been there working her way up the ladder since 2012. However, something was missing for her; she wanted also to get back to her fashion roots. Which is why she jumped at the chance to be the Philadelphia/Mainline sales rep for Nina McLemore at the beginning of the year.

Now she has both fashion and marketing in her life again and couldn’t be happier!

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