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Episode 21 – Mona Jhaveri and her Sound Affects Mission

Mona Jhaveri is a cancer researcher and pioneer in strategies to get funding behind real potential treatments and cures.  By starting a nonprofit ( to help raise awareness of critical treatment progression, she is bridging the gap between passion and activism. The SoundAffects.Org model is a crowdfunding platform that connects individuals who seek improved outcomes…

About the author, Michael

I am an executive leader, sales trainer, and author, with over 25 years of experience delivering motivational speeches and training sessions to audiences worldwide. I have a unique range of experience, from my beginnings as a Catholic school teacher to managing hundreds of people and hundreds of millions of dollars as Vice President of US Sales for two global medical device companies.

In 2016, I published my first book, Tell Me More, to share my leadership mantra. Through a strategy of active listening and observational questioning, we become better leaders, better sales people, and we can deliver on phenomenal customer experiences. Through this podcast, we’ll see how the Tell Me More process is at work in the business world today.

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