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Syrup Marketing

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Clean Rooms! On a road trip through my home state, we saw no less than 10 motel signs boasting clean rooms. Really? Is that the best you have to offer? I’d rather have pancakes, thank you. Trying to use up some random hotel points for a free night we ended…

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I Refuse to Buy Bigger Pants

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Who is stupid enough to begin a weight loss plan weeks before Christmas? Me. I always know when it’s time to start watching my weight. When my pants no longer fit. I refuse to buy bigger pants. I decided to let #SecretShopperMichael try something new, figuring I could hide behind…

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Gobble Gobble

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have always hated the budgeting process. Until now. Throughout my career, I dreaded creating a budget each fall. I found it difficult to make predictions on income and expenses when I didn’t know what might happen. In reality, I was afraid. What if I project revenue that I can’t…

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Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Are some people allergic to smiling? In the past 24 hours I have encountered numerous people who seem unable to smile. One person at my bank and another in a clothing store, were so particularly gloomy that I can’t stop thinking about either. They didn’t appear sad as if they…

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Intergalactic Escape is Harder Than You Think

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve always worked well under pressure. Until this. My first Escape Room experience was frustrating to this over-achiever. I didn’t expect to feel like such a failure. Trapped in a room with 4 smart and talented people, I found myself doing things that surprised me. Although we had some early…

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