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Syrup Marketing

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Clean Rooms! On a road trip through my home state, we saw no less than 10 motel signs boasting clean rooms. Really? Is that the best you have to offer? I’d rather have pancakes, thank you. Trying to use up some random hotel points for a free night we ended…

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Gobble Gobble

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I have always hated the budgeting process. Until now. Throughout my career, I dreaded creating a budget each fall. I found it difficult to make predictions on income and expenses when I didn’t know what might happen. In reality, I was afraid. What if I project revenue that I can’t…

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For the Love of Free

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I’ve seen examples of marketing brilliance recently. Promotions, commercials and strategies designed to more fully immerse the consumer in a brand experience. Read the label on this freebie from the Philly Thanksgiving Parade. Clearly designed to increase NEW customers and engage them in an automated process, this is one of…

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Trick or Treat!

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: What an interesting pumpkin! Yes it is. I am creative. Or just bad with a knife. Our neighborhood is usually packed with kids on Halloween. As a child I had to walk many dark blocks and up long walkways (uphill, both ways, with no shoes in snow…) to get a…

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Rules of the Road

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I moved to ID long ago. Despite nearly 20 years driving I had to take a written exam to get my ID license. I failed the first time, missing 3 of the road signs that I had never seen. I apparently did not know the rules of the road in…

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