Transitioning to Achieve Your Retirement Potential With Myles Smith – Season 2: Episode 58

From growing up in rural ‘ranch country’ New Mexico to traveling the world extensively, Myles Smith has experienced life in a multitude of ways and levels.

After a number of career changes, he found that coaching and following a life-long love of writing are the most rewarding and meaningful. Approaching his own retirement, he chose to retire TO helping others navigate the sometimes turbulent rapids of transitioning into retirement.

As a certified Retirement Transitions Specialist, Myles is actively coaching fellow Boomers through the issues surrounding their transitions into retirement. He has helped Boomers plan, prepare for, and transition into their retirements instead of postponing it out of fear for the change it brings. These have been high-powered, highly-driven individuals who got stuck in the fears, the anxieties, the ‘What am I going to do when I retire?’, and… in some cases ‘What am I going to do NOW?’.

He believes in the vast potential of a well-planned retirement and how retirement can and should be the very best years of a person’s life. This can be the time when they realize their full potential, achieve more, contribute to the world around them, and live lives of meaning, purpose, and personal fulfillment.

Residing in a suburban Atlanta Georgia allows him and his wife weekends at either the mountains of Tennessee or the beaches of Florida – when he isn’t enjoying his place as a grandfather.

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